April/Pre-Summer Grooves

I can’t believe it’s already April. To college students, April is basically pre-May, which is basically summer. College has gone by SO incredibly quickly, and it’s hit me that Class of 2018 Tar Heels are sadly running out of time. I am planning as many fun things with as many friends and loved ones as possible for this last month. I’m already preparing to be sleep deprived because I plan on staying up late with friends as often as possible to make the most of every day.

Even though I don’t want to think about graduation yet, with the weather being so nice I am definitely thinking about summer. I started making my summer playlist a month or two ago because I’ve been ready for shorts and quad-sitting and dogs all over campus for a while.

Thus, my playlist is already doing great, because I’ve been working on it for a while. I’m proud of this particular playlist because I think it maintains a consistent mood while still mingling several different genres together. I’m sticking to mostly feel-good songs that are also definitely going to be anthems for these last few weeks of college.

I’m currently planning a beach trip and heart-to-heart car ride with one of my friends, so I’m looking forward to the good tunes that will comprise the soundtracks for both of these ventures.

The mood for this last month of college is just HAVE FUN! I’m being forced to face the reality of graduation, the end of late night heart-to-hearts with my lovely roommate, the end of trips to Sup Dogs after a night of dancing and pickle juice at Goodfellows, the end of spontaneous quad sits on the most beautiful campus on Earth. But all we can do at this point is smile and enjoy the ride.

Vibe with me! Below!!!


Miguel — “waves (Tame Impala Remix)”


I LOVE Tame Impala, one of my most listened to bands of 2017 according to my Spotify “Year in Review.” But if you’d ever said to me, “Hm, let’s put Tame Impala on a Miguel track,” I probably would’ve looked at you like this.


But it just WORKS. This remix has this outer space-pool party-nostalgic feel that the original lacks (sorry, Miguel). I want to fly and/or float through this song. Pretty much any track Tame Impala touches is an instant top-tier summer jam. You really can’t go wrong with them.


Khalid, Swae Lee — “The Ways”


Have I raved about the Black Panther soundtrack? Let me rave about the Black Panther soundtrack. Every darn track on that album is a BOP. Most of the songs are hard rap — the whole album is produced by Kendrick Lamar, who can be heard on this song as well — but this is a much more laid-back track. It has an island vibe like most of Khalid’s music, and I think it would be the perfect song for driving up the west coast in a convertible.


The Internet — “Dontcha”


I am LATELATELATE to the Internet party, but I’m honestly just happy to be here. I discovered this band through my YouTube recommendations because I’ve been listening to a lot of Steve Lacy, The Internet’s guitarist, who I wrote about in my last monthly ~Grooves~ piece. I can only pray to be 1/4 as cool as Syd, the lead singer, who is probably the most fly girl I’ve ever seen in my life. This song gives me major Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson feels, which are fantastic feels. I’ve got this one on repeat.


Solange — “Don’t You Wait”


Okay, this isn’t exactly a feel-good song. But it has SUCH a good 80s-ish synth vibe to it, and Solange rules my life and my Instagram feed. I can’t believe I haven’t shared any of her music yet, because she is one of my absolute favorite artists. Again, this isn’t a feel-good song — it’s actually about Solange wanting to write politically and socially-conscious music, but feeling stifled by her critics, who demand pop songs about love and heartbreak. In other words, “Don’t You Wait” on her to release a bubblegum pink radio hit. I love my feel-good summer jams, but I also love women speaking out about what’s important through their music. Catch me grooving/calling my Congressional representatives to this on a flamingo float all summer.


Neon Indian — “Annie”


LAST BUT NOT LEAST! This is my ~ULTIMATE~ summer bop at the moment! This song has such a great tropical-throwback feel to it. Pretty much anything by Neon Indian is incredibly fun and upbeat, but this song is one of my favorites, and has a spectacularly weird music video. This song sounds like it should be bumping from a boombox someone is carrying on their shoulder while walking down the beach, and I think that would be the best way to listen to it. Hit me up if any of y’all want to form a squad and make this dream happen for me.